Ceyda S. Uyguner Demirel

+90 212 359 7146
Interest Areas: 

Advanced oxidation processes

Photocatalytic and photolytic reactions

Adsorption processes and metal interactions in aquatic systems

Drinking water quality


Ph. D., Institute of Environmental Sciences, Boğaziçi University, TR, 2005

M.S., Institute of Environmental Sciences, Boğaziçi University, TR, 1999

B.S., Chemistry Department, Boğaziçi University, TT, 1997

Recent Projects: 
  1. Bogazici University, Scientific Research Projects Fund (BAP): “Recovery and reuse of Fe (III) doped TiO2 in a solar photocatalytic reactor system”, 2012-2013, Project Coordinator.

  2. Bilateral Cooperation Programme, Joint Research Project between TÜBİTAK  and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy “Surrogate parameters to control emerging contaminants in water treated by advanced oxidation processes”. Dr. Ceyda Uyguner Demirel (Boğaziçi University),  Dr.Vincenzo Naddeo (University of Salerno), 2012-2015, Project Coordinator.

  3. TÜBITAK Project, “The behaviour of nanoparticles in conventional and bioreactor landfills”, 2013-, Researcher.

  4. H2020-WATER-2015, Research and Innovation Action (RIA), Water-Sustainable Point-Of-Use Treatment Technologies (WATERSPOUTT), “Development of water supply and sanitation technology, systems and tools, and/or methodologies”, 2016-, Researcher

Selected Publications: 

1.Uyguner-Demirel C.S., Birben C., Bekbolet, M., "Key role of common anions on the photocatalytic degradation profiles of the molecular size fractions of humic acids”, Catalysis Today, 209, 122-126, 2013, SCI.

2.Lofrano G., Carotenuto M., Uyguner-Demirel C.S., Vitagliano A., Siciliano A.,  Guida M., “An integrated chemical and ecotoxicological assessment for the photocatalytic degradation of vancomycin” Environmental Technology, 35, 10, 1234-1242, 2014, SCI.

3.Birben N.C. Uyguner-Demirel C.S., Sen-Kavurmaci S., Gurkan Y.Y., N. Turkten N., Cinar Z., M. Bekbolet M., “Comparative evaluation of anion doped photocatalysts on themineralization and decolorization of natural organic matter”, Catalysis Today, 240, 125-131, 2015, SCI.

4.Naddeo V., Uyguner-Demirel C.S., Prado M., Cesaro A., Belgiorno V., Ballesteros J. F. Enhanced ozonation of selected pharmaceutical compounds by sonolysis, Environmental Technology, 36,15, 1876-1883, 2015, SCI.

5.Dulger M.,  Sakallioglu T., Temizel I.,  Demirel B., Copty N.K., Onay T.T., Uyguner-Demirel C.S. , Karanfil T., Leaching potential of nano-scale titanium dioxide in fresh municipal solid waste, Chemosphere, 144, 1567-1572, 2016, SCI.