MS Thesis Proposal

M.S. students have to prepare and submit a thesis proposal. The proposal has to be approved by the IESc Executive Board. The proposal has to contain following information:


Title page: Title of thesis, name of student, name(s) of supervisor(s), month and year.

Introduction: Objective,  scope and scientific significance of proposed work; brief literature review.

Methodology: Description of experimental or computational work. List of resources. Calendar.

References: All references cited in the previous sections should be listed. Do not give any uncited references.


Thesis Format
Please use the format given in the following link while preparing your thesis: ThesisFormat.doc.
Submission of Thesis to YOK
Please use the following guide while submitting your thesis to YOK: YOK_Thesis_Submission_Guide.pdf.
Also visit YOK thesis website for more information.