Since 1987, 696 publications addressed to IESC have been indexed in Web of Science (WoS). The number of publications in 2017 and 2018 were 39 and 30, respectively. In 2019, 34 publications have been recorded. Major areas of research are "Environmental Sciences", "Ecology", "Public Environmental Occupational Health", and "Environmental Engineering". IESC h-index is 68 as of March 1st, 2020. Papers addressed to IESC have been cited in 15.200 articles for 18.666 times. Average Citation per publication is 27.27 (01 March 2020).

The publications affiliated to IESC can be reached on Web of Knowledge (WoK) through following the steps below:

  1. Database should be selected as "All Databases" to view all publications indexed in all databases registered in WoK.
  2. The search term is: (bogazici univ or bosphorus univ or bosporus univ) same (inst environm sci or inst environ sci).
  3. The search type is "Address".