İrem Daloğlu Çetinkaya

+90 212 359 4602
Interest Areas: 
Modeling social ecological systems
Impacts of climate change on freshwater systems
Impacts of human activities on sustainability of natural resources

Ph.D., Resource Ecology and Management University of Michigan, USA, 2013

M.S., Engineering Management, Northeastern University, USA, 2008

B.S. Geological Engineering Middle East Technical University, TR, 2005

Academic Career: 

Instructor, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Bogazici University, Istanbul, 2015- Present

Part-time Instructor, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Bogazici University, Istanbul, 2014-2015

Research Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor , 2013-2014

Research Assisstant, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2008-2013

Recent Projects: 

Bogazici University, Scientific Research Projects Fund (BAP): “Vulnerability of Istanbul’s water supplies due to changes in climate and urban dynamics”, 2017-2018.

Selected Publications: 
  1. Daloğlu, I., Nassauer, J.I., Riolo, R., Scavia, D. 2014. An integrated social and ecological modeling framework – Impacts of agricultural conservation practices on water quality, Ecology and Society 19(3): 12.  

  2. Daloğlu, I., Nassauer, J.I., Riolo, R., Scavia, D. 2014. Developing a farmer typology to link agent-based models with SWAT, Agricultural Systems 129, 93-102. 

  3. Scavia, D., J. D. Allan, K. K. Arend, S. Bartell, D. Beletsky, N. S. Bosch, S. B. Brandt, R. D. Briland, I. Daloğlu, J. V. DePinto, D. M. Dolan, M. A. Evans, T. M. Farmer,D. Goto, H. Han, T. O. Höök, R. Knight, S. A. Ludsin, D. Mason, A. M. Michalak, R. P. Richards, J. J. Roberts, D. K. Rucinski, E. Rutherford, D. J. Schwab, T. Sesterhenn, H. Zhang, Y. Zhou. 2014. Assessing and addressing the re-eutrophication of Lake Erie: Central Basin Hypoxia, Journal of Great Lakes Research.

  4. A.M. Michalak, E. Anderson, D. Beletsky, S. Boland, N.S. Bosch, T.B. Bridgeman, J.D. Chaffin, K.H. Cho, R. Confesor, I. Daloğlu, J. DePinto, M.-A. Evans, G.L. Fahnenstiel, L. He, J.C. Ho, L. Jenkins, T. Johengen, K.C. Kuo, E. Laporte, X. Liu, M. McWilliams, M.R. Moore, D.J. Posselt, R.P. Richards, D. Scavia, A.L. Steiner, E. Verhamme, D.M. Wright, M.A. Zagorski. 2013. Record-setting algal bloom in Lake Erie caused by agricultural and meteorological trends consistent with expected future conditions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

  5. Daloğlu, I., Cho, K.H., Scavia, D. 2012. Evaluating causes of trends in long-term dissolved reactive phosphorus to Lake Erie. Environmental Science and Technology. DOI: 10.1021/es302315d